Events are still provisional and subject to change without notice. Information will be updated to this site as it becomes avaiable so this should be as up-to-date as possible.

Friday Night

Hekety with Gordon Potts
  Dance the night away to this young Sheffield band who play dance music with skill, energy and a respect for the tradition of English dance music. If you love English dance music you must hear this band play!

  Alterations with Geoff Cubit
  If you like a challenge, this is your chance to try some more complex dances.


Display Ceilidh & Open Mic
  From the most polished performace to the ridiculously bizarre, this is your opportunity to get together & perfom be dancing, singing or playing. Email us for more information.

  Morris Tour
  A poory disguised pub crawl for morris dancers and those with strong livers. Email us for more information.

  Hill Walking
  We have arranged this with the University Walking Club. A full (10 mile) or half (5 mile) days walk along Froggatt Edge in Peaks. Optional Pub lunch and bus home...

  Martin Carthy
  One of the world's greatest guitar players and singers. Prepare to be dazzled.

  Bedlam with Nick Walden
  This fiery, cutting edge band, focusing on the English tradition, lead the ceilidh.

  Scottish Measure
  For anyone who wants to dance Scottish style or just like men in kilts. You can find the dance program for this event here.

  High energy late night dancing to HoraceX. Exotic, sexy, transcendent, funky, eclectic and irresistibly danceable.


Final Ceilidh
  Push yourself to the limit and dance one more time. Or play in the scratch band led by Hekety.